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Monte San Biagio

The small town of Monte San Biagio sits on a rocky spur (133 metres) of Monte Calvo on the edge of the Ausoni Mountains. In the past the town was known  as Monticelli.   

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Monte San Biagio overlooks the wide expanse of the plain and lake of  Fondi and the Riviera di Ulisse, and on clear days there are even views of the Pontine Islands.

The town was originally inhabited by the Samnites before being taken over by the Romans.  There are the remains of a Roman Mausoleum that was attributed to the Emperor Servius Galba, however it is now thought that it may have been the tomb of Sextus Julius Frontinus who is known to have owned a large villa in the area.

The Medieval castle dates from the 7th century, being built by the Longobards on the remains of a Roman structure.  The fortified town was surrounded by a defence system of walls with several gateways and guarded by watch towers.  The remains of the castle can still be seen, it has an unusual triangular tower. The main entrance to the fortified town was the Porta di San Rocco.


Fabian Angeloni - Wikipedia    cc by SA-2.5

The ownership of this territory passed first to the Duchy of Gaeta and then to the Duchy of Fondi.

The interior of the Porta di San Rocco has been decorated with hand painted murals.

The old town is very characteristic, a tiered labyrinth of narrow streets, arches, alleys and steps.

Fabian Angeloni - Wikipedia    cc by SA-2.5

Fabian Angeloni - Wikipedia    cc by SA-2.5

Fabian Angeloni - Wikipedia    cc by SA-2.5

Fabian Angeloni - Wikipedia    cc by SA-2.5