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Monte San Biagio

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In the heart of the old town is the Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista which was founded in the 7th century and houses the silver statue of San Biagio Vescovo e Martire and a 15th century triptych by Cristoforo Scacco amongst other works of art.   

Other churches in the area include:  

The ex Chiesa di San Rocco, which dates back to the 12th century.  

The Chiesa di  San Giovanni Lavatori.

The ex Chiesa di Sant'Antonio Abate, founded in 1100, is now a private house.

The Chiesa della Madonna della Ripa (9th century),  situated in a valley at the foot of Monte Calvo. It was enlarged in approximately 1700 and during an outbreak of cholera in the area it was used as an isolation  hospital.

The small Church of the Madonna delle Mercede, sometimes called the Madonna delle Spiagge  (17th century).

The nearby Sanctuary of the Madonna della Rocca.     View from the sanctuary.

The Town Hall of Monte San Biagio, the War Memorial and the Fontana di Giuseppe Quinto.

On a lower level runs the ancient Via Appia.  Monte San Biagio was strategically positioned on the border of two territories.  

The entrance to the Kingdom of Naples and Two Sicilies was guarded by the  Torre dell’ Epitaffio and the customs point of the Papal States was guarded by the Portella. Originally the ancient Via Appia passed through this arched monument.

The area is renowned to have been plagued by brigands especially between the years of 1861 and 1870.

In 1862 the town’s name name was first changed to Monte San Vito, as it was often confused for another town by the name of Monticelli of Rocca Guglielmina in Esperia.  

However the name was changed yet again as Monte San Vito was then mistaken for another town of the same name in Ancona.  

It finally took the existing name of Monte San Biagio, in honour of its patron saint San Biagio Vescovo e Martire.

The Torre dell’ Epitaffio and the Portella.

Fabian Angeloni - Wikipedia    cc by SA-2.5

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